Aquamarine (Mr Fingers Dubs) / Sebo K Tsuba083B

Aquamarine (Mr Fingers Dubs) Image

Three Mr Fingers Dubs from Larry Heard. Enough said!

Francois K ‘Beautiful Mr Fingers mixes, can’t wait to play the acid dub.’
Steve Bug ‘Can there be a better package?’
Mr G ‘Mr Fingers all day long, my hero’
Josh Wink ‘Great release, nice and chuggy’
Ricardo Miranda ‘Mr Fingers touch on this is inspiring’
Phil Asher ‘Mr Heard is king, period!’
Groove Armada ‘Acid Dub is Ibiza heaven’
6th Borough Project ‘All about the acid dub’
Ewan Pearson ‘The Mr Fingers Acid Dub is very lovely indeed’
Ryan Crosson ‘Fingers mixes for me!’
DJ Wild ‘Acid dub is great’

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Aquamarine (+ Mr Fingers Mix)

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