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ʻAdventures of Tazzʼ is the debut LP from Montreal-based producer/dj Tazz and is also the first ever artist LP to be released by the UKʼs venerable Tsuba Records imprint.

With just two singles for Tsuba Limited and two singles for Jus Edʼs Underground Quality, Tazz has managed to garner a superb reputation for raw, melodic and ʻrealʼ house and techno. Perverting classic vibes and sounds is the Tazz manifesto and on each of his releases he succeeds in delivering a fresh take on the elements of house that weʼve loved, forgotten or taken for granted.

Hours of genuine fun is how Tazz sees music production and the resulting music, while taking in a multitude of moods, contains a raw and uncontrived feel that is missing so often in modern electronic music. Whether working alone or alongside close friends Bacanito and Giovanni the result of Tazzʼs open minded and inventive approaches to writing is music that draws on the past but shares the futuristic viewpoint of itʼs influences. Even the equipment used on ʻAdventures of Tazzʼ runs from the old (TR505) to the new (Dave Smith Mopho – the ʻLittle Yellow Synthʼ) without ever jarring.

The ʻAdventures of Tazzʼ ten-track ride through melodic exploration in house kicks off with the brash/restrained scale face-off of ʻGiovanniʼs Keysʼ and from thereon in the balance between robust, engaging grooves and bold top-lines is the most prominent hallmark of the LP. Even the rawest, darkest elements of ʻAdventures of Tazzʼ, such as ʻLe Salade Technoʼ, are crafted around real musicianship and genuine emotion. Detroit is no doubt a word that will spring to many a mind upon hearing ʻAdventures of Tazzʼ but, while Detroit is a massive influence on the artist itʼs by no means the only one and as a result, this is no Detroit homage.

ʻAdventures of Tazzʼ is honest, modern house music with a timeless feel and is a brilliantly accomplished

All tracks written and produced by Tazz. Musicians in crime Giovanni Randisi and Bacanito. Additional production and Mixing By Christian Pronovost at Lost Heroes Arts & Media.

Special Thanks to : Giovanni R, Bacanito, Christian P, Kevin G, Jus-Ed, Marcelo Cruz.

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