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A selection of my current favourite records, some oldies and some newies, including a couple of forthcoming Tsuba tracks in the shape of Sebo K and the Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Mix of Craig Bratley. Without trying to sound too cliched i tried to make this mix a bit of a trip and something that can hopefully be enjoyed in years to come. With that in mind the tracks selected all have a bit of a timeless quality to them, though some of them were buggers to mix (as often the most interesting records are) so i've added a few FX here and there to smooth out the edges. Hope you will enjoy it!

Kevin Tsuba



1. Apiento & Co 'ESP' (Lexx Escape From The Island Mix)(Golf Channel)
2. Levon Vincent 'Launch Ramp To The Sky' (Novel Sound)
3. John Daly 'Count To Zero' (Wave)
4. The It 'Somebody Somewhere' (Alleviated)
5. Richard Sen 'Meteor Shower' (Emotional Especial)
6. Ronin 'More Of You' (Primary)
7. Roy Comanchero 'The Delete Of Society' (Running Back)
8. Mount Liberation Unlimited 'Clinton Space Funk' (Junkyard)
9. Sebo K 'Title TBC' (Tsuba)
10. Fantastic Man 'El Tropo' (Fine Choice)
11. Legowelt 'Puzzles In Life' (PPU)
12. Craig Bratley 'Computer Controlled' (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Mix) (Tsuba)
13. Black Cock 'Love Finger' (Black Cock Records)
14. Jack J 'Looking Forward To You' (Moodhut)
15. DJ Metatron 'Spiralworlds' (Giegling)

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